10 Beautiful Activities to do at Home with Kids


How about creating beautiful activities to do at home with the children. In fact, it’s super cool to be able to play these games at home.

Create above all to make children super happy with the ideas. After all, they love being able to play creatively and simply. All the games and ideas are exciting and they will love to participate.

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That’s why these activities can help you a lot to have cool ideas to do with them at home. See the tips, be inspired by the games you like the most, and also do activities at home.

Activities to do at Home with the Kids

See the ideas you like to make in a simple and practical way at home. As soon as they see that they are going to participate in the games and crafts, they will certainly be very happy to play.

1. PVC Pipe Slide for Cars

Look how cool this slide for a car with a pipe is too. It’s another simple idea to do and that in a way can make children very happy and encourage them to play in many different ways.


2. Cardboard Box Game

How about creating an interesting game with a cardboard box and disposable cups? In fact, it’s a simple way to create a creative game to match the cups with a ball. The little ones will especially love to play.


3. Fishing Game for Kids


4. Art Activity with paper or Eva

Look how cool too. Whether with EVA or sheets of cardboard, you can create amazing and colorful compositions with a lot of creativity. See that, for example, to make a tree you just cut the trunk and the leaves with molds and then create the design. It looks so beautiful.


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5. Craft with Small Plates

home activities for kids

6. Toys with Rolls Paper

home activities for kids

7. Drum with Cans

home activities for kids

8. Game with Cardboard Lid


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9. Skeet Shooting with Paper Rolls

home activities for kids

10. Plays with Adhesive Tapes

home activities for kids



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