10 Beautiful and Unique Pallet Planter Ideas For Garden Decoration


Before talking about pallet planters in detail, it is necessary to say that pallets are very suitable and decorative materials for different areas of our home, garden, and balcony. Simply, pallets are flat structures made of wood and used in transportation and storage operations. Furthermore, they are strong and durable because they are made for carrying loads. Today, many people are using these wooden pallet structures for different purposes such as a couch for the balcony or different furniture for the patio. In addition to these two, they can also serve as a creative pallet planter, especially for vegetable gardening.

Wood pallet is recognized to be popularly used for the planter boxes creation. Hence here we will present you with one such unique idea for you Yes, we are talking about this wood planter boxes decoration creation where the extreme superb use of the wood pallet makes it so fantastic looking.

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Thanks to both its shape and the simple wooden structure, it is quite feasible to create the different shapes of pallet planter. Here, you can find the most popular and preferred shapes of pallet planters.

1. Rectangle pallet planter

Firstly, this shape of the pallet planter can be counted as the most preferred type since it is large enough for plants and vertical as well. As you see in the photo, with a hammer, a few nails, and a little handcraft, you can make this type of pallet planter easily.


2. Large Cedar square planter Box


3. Triangle Shape Pallet Planter Box


4. Step Pallet Planter Box


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5. Vertical Pallet Planter


6. Vertical Pallet Planter Holder


7. Herb Pallet Planter



8. Horizontal Pallet Planter


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9. Wall Pallet Planter


10. Pallet Planter Box



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