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20 Amazing Ideas for Home decoration with cactuses

#shilpidea_172 We brought you inspirations on how to decorate home with cactuses. After all, it’s always nice to be able to create delicate ornaments with cactuses. The coolest thing is that they are simple tips to apply. In other words, you will be able to do everything with great practicality and in an easy way. Also because there […]

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15+ Amazing Ideas Recycling Wooden Hangers

#shilpidea_170 Who would have thought that you can do so much with wooden hangers. Still not convinced, That it is possible to make more than 15 products using hanger as a base. So come with us and we’ll show you a bunch of super unusual ideas for you to do there at your house. 10 […]

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15+ Beautiful PVC luminaires Ideas

#shilpidea_169 If you like innovative and decoration ideas that go out of the ordinary, you’ll love these PVC lighting tips. There are several examples of decorative luminaires with PVC pipes to be used in different situations. Learn How to Make Laptop Stand with PVC Pipe Some fixtures and parts of this post are made with metallic […]

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7+ Ideas for How to Make Wooden Christmas Tree

#shilpidea_167 If you want to make a beautiful wooden Christmas tree, then stay with us to see how much fun can be done. You will certainly find a creative Christmas tree that is very simple to make. Every year it’s the same thing, people go downtown to look for Christmas ornaments. These in turn are increasingly industrialized […]

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15 Toys Craft Ideas with Recycled Capes for Kids

#shilpidea_163 If you’re looking for holiday activities to play with the kids, then check out our collection of posts craft for kids. Today we brought amazing recycled craft ideas for kids. When we want to make toys with recycled caps, we can use bottle caps to be the raw material. The coolest thing is that it’s […]

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Learn How to Make Laptop Stand with PVC Pipe

#shilpidea_161 Learn how to make a great laptop stand with PVC pipes. It is a very useful support to optimize your time working or having fun on the computer. If you’re looking for a step-by-step way to create a stand for your notebook using PVC pipes, you’ve found the right place. Who knew that with pipes you […]

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10 Beautiful Amazing Coin Craft Ideas

#Shilpidea_160 We brought an amazing selection of designs to make Coin craft Ideas. That beautiful art you can make to decorate your Home. They are beautiful works with recycled Coins. If you like this idea, then stay with us to see all the creation possibilities. 25 Unique and Beautiful Concrete Planters Design Ideas This creative piece of […]

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10 Craft Ideas With Recycled Bottle Capes

#Shilpidea_159 Look what beautiful art you can make to decorate your kitchen or balcony. They are beautiful works with recycled bottle caps. If you like this idea, then stay with us to see all the creation possibilities. 10 Beautiful Sequins Art Craft Painting Ideas These beautiful mandalas or designs can be made with colored caps, folds and […]

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10 Creative Crafting Ideas For Old CDs

#Shilpidea_158 Have you ever imagined recycling all the CDs you have kept in wonderful decorative objects. If not yet, you don’t even need to stress, because now we’re going to show you several simple ideas with recycling CDs that with little time and the necessary materials, you can do it at home and have a […]

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10 Amazing Ways to Reuse Old Jeans

#Shilpidea_157 It’s always great to create items with recycling. And with jeans it’s no different. Repurpose your jeans to create many beautiful items. These are items that serve both for decoration and for making utilities. In fact, it’s perfect to reuse jeans to create a beautiful treat that you can create diverse items, such as bags, lining for […]

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