How to Decorate Stairs for Special Occasions


The stairs are commonly a place of transit, where we go up and down from one floor to another and many times we don’t pay attention to it.

The fact is that it is also a corner of the house that needs attention and that, if used well, can generate good sensations and renew the space. To exemplify this, we brought several ideas on how to decorate stairs and supercharge that corner so forgotten in our homes.

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See lots of ideas on how to decorate stairs with simple and inexpensive materials.

1. How to decorate stairs with plants

Plant vases on the stairs, a lot of charm and beauty.

Beautiful vases of bromeliads on wooden stairs. A great idea on how to decorate stairs with plants.

Large vases at different points. It even gives a new air to the place at home. 

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Integration of stairs with garden, stones and plants. Beautiful stairs decoration.

Integration of plants with stone floors and indirect lights. Amazing. Because it’s a way to bring the space to life and bring good energy, aromas and even colors. Just look at what kind of plant you can use.

After all, space is limited and there isn’t always enough sun. So look for plants that fit your environment.

2. How to decorate stairs with pictures

The paintings have a very familiar feel and can fill your wall with fun stories and memories.

An invitation to friends and friends to remember good things. Without a doubt it’s a real family album on the wall.

Family and travel pictures give another look to the stairwell location. But you can also use artwork with landscapes or abstract shapes. The idea is the same, however the images are more artistic.

3. How to decorate stairs with candles

For events, special occasions, the lighting of the stairs with candles is very charming and can make your night event stand out. Whether for a romantic dinner or a family party.

To avoid accidents, you can use battery-operated lights. Because there are several candles of same sizes that do not offer any risk of burning, as they are led. Try and see, especially if you have children and pets at home.

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4. How to decorate stairs with stickers and paintings

Finally, we bring ideas for paintings, stickers and graffiti. Have a good time.

No doubt it is rare to find painting professionals capable of doing work like this. So it’s up to us to do it at home, with our own hands.

A good idea is to use spray and stencil techniques. So you can create patterns if you need a lot of precision in the brush.

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5. Decorating stairs with realistic stickers

For those who like a photographic look, how about making a beautiful montage with stickers on your stairs. Here’s a series of fantastic photos that you’re sure to love. 

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