8 Amazing Ideas for How to Plant Succulents Differently


We brought inspiration on how to plant succulents in a different and creative way. These are the ideas that we brought in this post. Do it especially if you like these unique ways to create succulent decorations.

It has a lot of cool ideas that can inspire you a lot. Also because they are ways that you can very well create at home in an easy and attractive way. Check it out and get inspired with the tips too.

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How to Plant Succulents Differently

You will find many cool ways to grow and grow your succulents. These are creative ideas that will certainly be able to show you unique paths in this direction.

1. Succulents In Cup


You don’t have to worry about drilling holes in the cups. Of course, if you can do it, do it. But if you don’t have it, you don’t need to worry about it. Just water it very carefully, dosing so as not to soak the mug, since it has no holes.

Succulent In Egg Cup


2. Succulents in Shells

This idea is simply very attractive. You can create beautiful decorative arrangements with succulents in shells. See these ideas and get a lot of inspiration from projects that worked out this way.


Just put your creativity to work and make a lot of beautiful projects that way. Also because it is a very special way to create a different decoration with succulents.


3. Succulents in Books

Look what a beautiful thing. You can make beautiful decorations to decorate the house with books and succulents.


This type of different and creative decoration for the house is very nice. Decorate furniture and even a table that needs a similar decoration.


4. Mini Succulent garden

how to plant succulents
how to plant succulents

As you can see, with a wooden scarf you can create a very beautiful decoration in this style.


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Get a lot of inspiration from these ideas to make something that can enhance the decoration of a corner of your home as well. After all, decorations like these tend to bring a lot of beauty and softness to the decoration.

5. Succulents in Shoes

Another cool and very different idea is to grow succulents in shoes, sneakers, and boots. Check out these beautiful ideas and get even more inspired to create cuteness that everyone in your family will love.




It’s a nice way to reuse old shoes and make decorations worthy of applause and praise. Note that these are simple projects and that they are actually quite easy to do at home to decorate the garden.


6. Canned Succulent

Succulents look great when placed in cans. See these examples we brought to inspire you and do something similar in your home too.


See what party favors you can make with this idea. With jute and string, you can create a wonderful decoration and make little presents that anyone will love to receive.

how to plant succulents

7. Succulents On Logs

With rustic trunks, you can create wonderful compositions with your succulents too. See how beautiful these ideas of succulents planted on trunks and wooden trunks were beautiful.

how to plant succulents


how to plant succulents

Get inspired by the ideas you liked the most and also do it to ensure a rustic decoration in that environment that is in need of something more for decoration.

how to plant succulents
how to plant succulents

8. Succulent In Wooden Crates

You can also plant your beautiful succulents in wooden crates. Just see how beautiful these ideas are and plan something to do with the crates you have out there too.

how to plant succulents

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how to plant succulents

These are ideas that can definitely open your mind when creating new homes and little pots for your succulents. It’s so beautiful to use improvisation and creativity to make these beautiful gardening and landscaping projects.

how to plant succulents



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