18 Ideas for How to Make Wooden Christmas Tree


If you want to make a beautiful wooden Christmas tree, then stay with us to see how much fun can be done. You will certainly find a creative Christmas tree that is very simple to make.

Every year it’s the same thing, people go downtown to look for Christmas ornaments. These in turn are increasingly industrialized and lacking in creativity.

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So here we have a bunch of ideas for you to create your own Christmas tree using wood. From sticks, pallets to recycled wood.

Undoubtedly there are several types of wood, so the types of Christmas trees made of wood are also many. Here we split it right in order to show you the possibilities.

1. Christmas Tree with Sticks

Sticks are very easy to find and work, with them you can make a multitude of trees. They can also be painted or simply left in their natural state like in the image below for example.


You can pierce each stick and use wire to stick it on a pedestal, or you can tie each branch to hang on the wall like the example below.


Lit Sticks


If you can slice the sticks with a saw, you can create this beautiful example frame to decorate your home.

It’s amazing how charming and even simple it is, we can see the care and affection in the making of these trees.


2. Christmas Tree with Furniture


3. Christmas Tree with Pallets

With pallets it is also possible to create beautiful specimens, like the ones below. Either painted or cut into wood.


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5. Christmas Tree with recycled Wood

Recycled wood is another possibility and can be obtained in demolitions or places where old furniture is rebuilt. It is an excellent option to give your tree a more vintage look and still not spend a lot. 


In these three examples use of knobs, tongs and even table feet to create a repeating effect. It is very worthwhile to elaborate one of these as everyone will surely love creativity.


6. Christmas Tree Wall Decoration

We have already shown this possibility, but here is the idea and possibility of making this type of Christmas Tree. Because it is a practical and creative way to build your tree. The example below shows this when leveraging a wall corner for this.


7. Christmas Tree with Plan Wood

If you’re into minimalist art, here are several wooden Christmas tree inspirations that are super simple and easy to make. However you will need some woodworking knowledge.


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However if you don’t have knowledge and tools. It is possible to order from a professional or for that relative does it all.



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