Learn How to Make and Decorate Paper Bags


We will show you how to make your own paper bag at home. Once you create it, you might be surprised by the result you got.

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Learn How to Make Paper Bags

This step by step is very simple and can yield good artisan fruits for you. See that you can create everything easily and simply from this tutorial.

Steps to Make Paper Bags


1. – First cut a paper 35 cm wide and 20 cm high. Remembering that you can adjust these measurements and do it the way you prefer. This way, you can create a bag that is 20 cm high and 15 cm wide.

2. – If you are working with the same measurement as indicated, mark 10 cm in the middle of the paper and crease the marks. Once this is done, mark 5 cm on each side of the 10 cm mark and crease again.

3. – Now you must attach the adhesive tape to make the paper fixed, like a rectangular paper tube, as in image number 3.

4. – Fold the sides of this rectangular tube, in order to flatten and make the accordion detail on the sides.

5. – After doing both sides, it’s time to make the bottom of the paper bag.

6. – Fold the bottom of the paper to the size you prefer. Crease by folding up.

7. – Place the side flaps inwards, following the creases you made previously in the previous steps.

8. – After you tuck in the side flaps, it’s time to close the remaining larger flaps.

9. – Now that you have all the creases done, place the double-sided adhesive tapes or wrap around regular adhesive tapes to close the bottom of the bag.

10. – Just close the flaps and secure them with adhesive tapes. Remember that you can use stick glue or common glue (avoiding exaggeration) to fix the bottom as well.

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Paper Bag Step By Step

See another simple example of this same manufacturing process to create paper bags. It’s actually something simple, practical, cheap, and very cute to make perfect party favors and packaging at home.


See this other bag made in the same way. Just follow the steps we showed you earlier and create yours too. If you have any questions, just watch the video below and learn how to do it easily.

Home Made Paper Bags


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How to Decorate Paper Bags

There are many beautiful examples for you to be inspired by this topic. There are pretty little paper bags that you can make and decorate as they are being demonstrated in these cute projects with paper and a lot of creativity.

howto make paper bags

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howto make paper bags

It’s beautiful to decorate the bags and make everything even more delicate in the making. Once you start decorating, you’ll see that the end result can be beautiful.

howto make paper bags


howto make paper bags


howto make paper bags



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