Learn How to Make Laptop Stand with PVC Pipe


Learn how to make a great laptop stand with PVC pipes. It is a very useful support to optimize your time working or having fun on the computer.

If you’re looking for a step-by-step way to create a stand for your notebook using PVC pipes, you’ve found the right place. Who knew that with pipes you could create something like that. It’s useful because in addition to leaving the notebook in a more ergonomic position, you also help to keep your device from getting hot.


To learn how to make this beautiful support, see the step by step we brought you. It’s a really cool way to create these supports from PVC pipes not only for notebooks, but also for tablets, iPads, among other devices and gadgets.

How to support notebook with PVC pipes

Learn how cool it can be to create your own notebook stand from PVC pipes. In other words, it’s a way to make a super useful accessory for very little.


In a way it is something that can make your life much easier when handling your notebook. Create especially if you were looking for something along these lines to optimize your hours on your pc.

Materials You Will Need

– PVC pipe with 2 cm in diameter that you should cut as follows: 1 piece of 22 cm, 2 pieces of 20 cm and 2 pieces of 7 or 8 cm
– Saw
– Spray paint for plastic
– 6 connectors
– Rubber hammer
– 4 self-adhesive silicone balls (optional)



Just provide the materials and see the step by step below. In fact you will be able to create very useful projects by seeing this simple way to create stand with PVC pipes for notebook.

Notebook holder with PVC pipes step by step

After providing the necessary materials and cutting the PVC pipe as indicated above, let’s compose your handcrafted support for Laptop.

fitting the pipes

You should fit the pipes in the same way as in the photo sequence above.


The connector can be a little boring to make the fitting, but go on connecting them with peace of mind that everything will be fine.

If necessary, you should tap the joints using a rubber mallet. This will only be to ensure that all the parts will fit together.

After doing the steps indicated, you should have a piece all assembled with all 5 pipes and 6 connectors attached and already forming the support.

painting the support

It’s time to add color to your creation. You should move to an outdoor area that is well ventilated to cover the floor and begin work.


By lining the floor and possible objects that are nearby, you prevent it from messing up everything around it. It is good that you do this procedure with a protective face mask.

Then you will cover the entire surface with Spray paint in the colors you chose. Paint everything, making sure the joints where the pipes are connected are properly colored.

Laptop holders with PVC pipes


I Pad Stand with PVC Pipe


Laptop Stand with PVC Pipe



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