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15+ Beautiful PVC luminaires Ideas

#shilpidea_169 If you like innovative and decoration ideas that go out of the ordinary, you’ll love these PVC lighting tips. There are several examples of decorative luminaires with PVC pipes to be used in different situations. Learn How to Make Laptop Stand with PVC Pipe Some fixtures and parts of this post are made with metallic […]

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7+ Ideas for How to Make Wooden Christmas Tree

#shilpidea_167 If you want to make a beautiful wooden Christmas tree, then stay with us to see how much fun can be done. You will certainly find a creative Christmas tree that is very simple to make. Every year it’s the same thing, people go downtown to look for Christmas ornaments. These in turn are increasingly industrialized […]

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8 Amazing Ideas for How to Plant Succulents Differently

#shilpidea_166 We brought inspirations on how to plant succulents in a different and creative ways. These are the ideas that we brought in this post. Do it especially if you like these unique ways to create succulents decorations. It has a lot of cool idea and that can inspire you a lot. Also because they are ways […]

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How to Decorate Stairs for Special Occasions

#shilpidea_162 The stairs are commonly a place of transit, where we go up and down from one floor to another and many times we don’t pay attention to it. The fact is that it is also a corner of the house that needs attention and that, if used well, can generate good sensations and renew […]

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10 Beautiful Amazing Coin Craft Ideas

#Shilpidea_160 We brought an amazing selection of designs to make Coin craft Ideas. That beautiful art you can make to decorate your Home. They are beautiful works with recycled Coins. If you like this idea, then stay with us to see all the creation possibilities. 25 Unique and Beautiful Concrete Planters Design Ideas This creative piece of […]

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10 Craft Ideas With Recycled Bottle Capes

#Shilpidea_159 Look what beautiful art you can make to decorate your kitchen or balcony. They are beautiful works with recycled bottle caps. If you like this idea, then stay with us to see all the creation possibilities. 10 Beautiful Sequins Art Craft Painting Ideas These beautiful mandalas or designs can be made with colored caps, folds and […]

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10 Creative Crafting Ideas For Old CDs

#Shilpidea_158 Have you ever imagined recycling all the CDs you have kept in wonderful decorative objects. If not yet, you don’t even need to stress, because now we’re going to show you several simple ideas with recycling CDs that with little time and the necessary materials, you can do it at home and have a […]

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10 Amazing Rustic Wood Decoration Ideas

#Shilpidea_156 Without a doubt wood is one of the most used materials in furniture and decorations. However, wood is not always used in its most natural form. That’s why we brought you another beautiful example of handicrafts with rustic wood. Plus, we’ve brought you lots of inspiring decorations. With wood it is possible to make a lot of […]

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7 Amazing And Creative Concrete Block Decoration Ideas

#Shilpidea_155 We brought an amazing selection of designs to make concrete block Decoration Ideas. Get inspired by the tips and make something beautiful in your home too. Just as these benches and sofas etc. Are charming, they are also very practical to make in your home. Remembering that in order to securely fix the concrete blocks […]

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10 Amazing And Unique Decoration Ideas With Old Guitar

#Shilpidea_154 This post is special for those who love music, as it is about several ideas for special decoration with old guitars. Without a doubt, this creative piece of furniture will attract the attention of your visitors and be a great success. 10 Tire Recycling Planter Ideas for Balcony and Garden Decoration It’s not uncommon to […]

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