concrete-candle-holder-ideas-shilpidea Home & Decor

10 Beautiful Concrete Candle Holder Design Ideas

#shilpidea_0125 Now you can make beautiful concrete candle holder designs at your home. We are showing 10 unique as well as antique candle holder ideas that you can make easily at your home. Candle lights give a wonderful view and relax in the night and a good option to decorate your home on different occasions. […]

egg-tray-craft-activity-for-kids-shilpidea Craft for Kids

4 Egg Tray Craft Activities for Kids to Make and Play

shilpidea_0123 Crafting from egg trays shows that nothing is waste but can be used for creative purposes. As we know that egg trays are easily available around us. So, what are you waiting for? Go and involved your child in an activity that makes your child more creative. Egg Tray Craft Activity for Kids You […]

122_Egg Shell Crafts for Kids_5 Craft for Kids

7 Amazing Eggshell Craft Activity for Kids

#shilpidea_0122 Children’s imaginations, play a large part in the formation of the kid’s mental character. It creates a creative mind, self-assurance, assists with understanding information about his general surroundings and his place in them. By causing your little one to notice the materials at hand, you’ll instruct him to consider new ideas. Amazing Eggshell Crafts […]

0120_craft-with-newspaper-tube_1 DIY & Tutorials

3 DIY Simple Crafts from Newspaper Tubes

#shilpidea_0120 Making DIY simple crafts from scrap materials like newspaper tubes is an exciting and helpful activity that forms ability and therefore the ability to concentrate. DIY Simple Crafts from Newspaper Tubes If your kid likes merchandise woven from vines, provide him an alternate choice – DIY simple crafts from newspaper tubes. A form for […]

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10 Best Wall Decor Ideas for Your Home

#shilpidea_0119 People love to decor their houses in a very unique way. For decoration, it could be anything like shelves, hanging pallets, tabletop goods, etc. And, nowadays, people love to decorate their house with goods made with wooden. Additionally, wooden goods are in trend nowadays. So we are sharing 10 beautiful wall decor ideas to […]

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10 Unique and Beautiful Concrete Earrings Ideas

#shilpidea_0118 Concrete Earrings Ideas are the best ideas for selling purposes and for DIY. And many crafters are selling their unique and attractive handmade concrete earrings on Etsy Shops. As a result, they are earning thousands of dollars just by selling their unique designs.  That’s why people from all over the world coming on Etsy […]

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12 Unique and Beautiful Concrete Lamps Ideas

#shilpidea_0117 These handmade concrete lamps are handcrafted by crafters around the world. And the crafters are selling these lamps on Etsy store where you can buy these directly. Buy link mentioned with each design. The best thing about these lamps is that you can also make these designs easily. These designs are very cool and […]

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18 Creative Ideas to Recycle Glass Bottles for Decoration

#shilpidea_0115 Glass bottles are great objects to reuse. So we will learn how to recycle glass bottles for decoration. Once recycled, they can serve as decorative objects, like jars for plants, containers for liquids, etc. We have brought some brilliant ideas on how to paint glass bottles, for you to decorate and make your home […]

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10 Best Toothpick DIY Ideas for Home Decor

#shilpidea_0085 You can use toothpicks to create new crafts and make new things. You can use toothpicks in many ways to create something innovative and beautiful. I have posted some ideas so you can understand better. 1. Toothpick with Quilling Flowers 2. Toothpick Crochet 3. Garden Hanging with Toothpick 4. Scenery 5. Paintings on Toothpick […]

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Popsicle Sticks Photo Frame Ideas

#shilpidea_0060 Want to make handmade photo frames? Try these some brilliant ideas to make photo frames with popsicle sticks.                       Happy Crafting!!!