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10 Best Toilet Paper Rolls crafts Ideas

#shilpidea_248 In this post we show are going to you 10 crafts with toilet paper rolls. These handcrafted projects are even more special to do with kids. Do it too and make the children happy with this educational and creative activity. 10 Bunny Rabbits with Toilet Paper Rolls for Easter Decoration These are beautiful ideas that could be perfect […]

Craft for Kids

10 Amazing and Unique Crafts with Stone

#shilpidea_247 See how to create a wonderful decoration with using stone crafts to make at home. In addition to decorations, you can also make toys for children to be super happy. There are several beautiful suggestions for you to be inspired and create at home too. See the ideas and get to work with the creative confections. […]

Craft for Kids

How to Make a Cardboard Box Dinosaur Costume

#shilpidea_245 Learn now How to Make Cardboard Box Dinosaur Costume and create this beautiful costume for a child. You can be sure she will love it. Start by doing the head part. Just cut a box in half using a stylus. Leave only one side uncut. Create teeth by cutting cardboards into triangular shapes. Also make the little eyes and […]

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10 Bunny Rabbits with Toilet Paper Rolls for Easter Decoration

#shilpidea_243 In this post we’ll show you bunnies with toilet paper rolls for Easter decoration. It is a very beautiful way to create a cute ornament and it can be a success in your party decoration. It can also be a beautiful Easter activity to do with your students at the school, classroom or daycare you […]

Craft for Kids

14 Best Toys made with Softener Bottle

#shilpidea_239 Look how nice these toys made with a bottle of fabric softener. Everyone will love it and you will surely have children happy with the creative and inexpensive toys that you will create with the help of the tips in this article. Also make these beautiful toys made with a bottle of fabric softener and […]

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12 Decorated Cans Ideas with Jute and Fabric

#shilpidea_238 Look how beautiful these amazing tips for making decorated cans with jute and fabric. Do it too and make everything more beautiful in your special decoration. It is also a beautiful tip to decorate the garden or any room you want in your house. Check out the tips and also make your cans decorated at home. […]

Craft for Kids

10 Beautiful Toys Ideas with Disposable Cups

#shilpidea_234 Look how many beautiful ideas to create toys with disposable cups step by step. Make toys with recycling too. Children will love it. The ideas we brought up in this post are perfect to create children’s treats with creativity. See the ideas you like the most and also do it at home, school or daycare.  10 Educational […]

Craft for Kids

10 Cute Little Angel Ideas with Cardboard Roll

#shilpidea_233 Look how beautiful these easy little angels with cardboard rolls! Make and create little angels can be beautiful for both party favors and decorations.    These are beautiful ideas that could be perfect activities to create with children. Whether it’s for Christmas decorations or creating christening ideas, everyone will love these cute little angels. 10 Beautiful […]

Craft for Kids

15 Models of Santa Claus in Felt Ideas

#shilpidea_229 Look how nice it is. We brought several Santa Claus Models in Felt for you to be inspired and to make yours too with great care and delicacy. 10 Beautiful Christmas Card Ideas These are beautiful ideas and suggestions for you to create at home with felt fabric or whatever fabric you prefer. You’ll certainly […]

Craft for Kids

10 Best Caps Games Ideas For Kids

#shilpidea_223 We will show you many beautiful ideas for creating games with caps. Take advantage of the tips and do it at home with the kids too. It’s so much nice tip that you may even be in doubt about which one to do with the Caps. They will certainly serve to inspire you when creating […]

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