Air Gooty – Plant a Tree Without Seed



You have hardly heard of “Air Gooty” name before. But it is a very fun activity as well as very beneficial. So do take this post till the end and after commenting, tell us what you have learned from it and where you can use it.

What Is Air Gooty?

air-gooty-wrapping-shilpidea-minFirst of all, this question must have come to your mind that what is Air Gooty after all?

Actually, it is a part of agriculture or it can be said that there is a gardening activity which is becoming quite popular.

Air Gooty is also called knotting or Air Layering or Marcotting.

In this activity, roots are made by cutting into a branch of a large healthy plant or tree.

After three months, a new plant is separated from that branch. Which gives a ready-made plant.

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Benefits of Air Gooty

Now let’s talk about its benefits. Why is Air Gooty needed? And what are the benefits of doing it? Why was it placed in agriculture?


  1. Its biggest advantage is you can get a new healthy plant within three months.
  2. It is very cheap.
  3. This activity is quite easy to do.
  4. You can make many plants from one big and healthy tree.
  5. The new plant does not even need a seed to grow.
  6. It saves time. If we grow a plant from seed then it takes a long time to become a plant. And at the same time, it has to be protected.

Air Gooty adopts a small activity or process which takes hardly 15-20 minutes and a new healthy plant is found within three months.

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Materials Required

For this, you need some accessories and tools, whose list is below.

  1. Knife
  2. Moss Grass
  3. Paste
  4. Polythene
  5. Thread
  6. Cutter

With the help of these tools, you can create Air Gooty. You can also learn by watching these videos.

How to bind Gooty?

The first thing to do in this is to choose a healthy plant. Then, Remove the trick with the help of a knife in one of its healthy twigs, and make a cut like a ring.


Then, apply that paste to that cut. And wetted moss grass in water and squeezed and tie over the paste.

After that, wrap the moss grass with polythene on all sides, tied on both sides of it. And then, tie with thread so that air cannot pass in it.

That is all it has to do and wait after that. After 6 weeks, roots begin to appear inside the polythene.

When roots are fully grown then cut the branch. Remove the polythene and plant in a new location.

This plant later becomes a tree that is grown without any seeds.

Thank you very much for reading this post and how did you like this Air Gooty, please tell us by commenting.


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