Paper Spinner Craft Activity for Kids

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As we all know that paper spinner is a very simple craft. But, what positivity and happiness it brings to you and your child’s life are most important. This activity will take you less time but teaches more to your child and provide a healthy environment around your child.

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Paper Spinner Craft Activity for Kids

Whenever you and your child have some time, you can go for such activities. Such types of activities will help you to know your child’s interests which further prove beneficial in nourishing their creativity.

Paper Spinner Craft Activity for Kids

Materials Required:

  • Ready models for printing or
  • Paint Brush to Make your own
  • A piece of thin string or a long string
  • Thick cardboard
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Awl

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How to Prepare a Paper Spinner?

Firstly, Print your ready models.

If you don’t have ready models then you can make your own using paint and brush.

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Secondly, colored wheels need to be cut and paste on the cardboard. 

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Separate out the resulting round shape from the cardboard and stick another wheel on its rare side.

Need to provide two holes in the center of our toy with a sewing machine.

0124_paper spinner craft_1

Use thread in a such way that it should be pass through them and tie its ends.

Paper Spinner Craft Activity for Kids

In addition, you can also watch the tutorial “How to make Paper Spinners” by Idea of the Day

We hope that you have enjoyed the way the paper spinner is prepared. You will be feeling good while your child playing with a paper spinner.


Happy Crafting!!!



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