4 Simple Life Hacks for Planting Flowers and Vegetables



If you want to grow your own flowers and vegetables. Then these 4 tips for sowing and simple life hacks for planting flowers and vegetables will help you. Life Hacks for Planting

It’s time to get your garden or your own balcony ready for spring again. Learn with us how you can design a great garden with simple tricks and little tricks. So you can sow and plant like a pro – even without a green thumb.

We will show you 4 simple tips for the season so that your garden, terrace, or balcony is a little oasis to relax. And unwind not only in spring but also all year round. Here are 4 tips from us that you as a gardening lover must have heard of.

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Garden Life Hacks for Sowing and Growing

Ideas 1: Small DIY Greenhouse

These are the best life hacks for planting. The seeds should always be kept warm so that they come up well and become strong. It’s easy to do under a hood from the top of an empty PET bottle. This mini-greenhouse effect, keep the plants warm and moist and roots form quickly.

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© Michael Ruder lichtpunkt Stuttgart

Two important factors must be considered for successful cultivation. But be careful and do not leave the lid on the bottle. Otherwise, it will be too hot inside and the earth can go moldy.

Ideas 2: For Sowing Pull the Seeds into Egg Shells!

It doesn’t have to be an expensive grow kit to get your plants to sprout. You can easily make two disposable plant pots out of an empty eggshell. To do this, fill each half of the eggshell with some seed compost and add your seed to it.

© Michael Ruder lichtpunkt Stuttgart

Always keep the whole thing moist. When the plants start to sprout, you can even put them in the bed with the eggshell. This is not only a great alternative to save money, but also an ingenious way of recycling leftover eggshells.

Tip 3: Big Seeds

A reusable perforated plate helps when sowing large seeds (which are individually placed in holes) or when planting out pre-grown plants. All you need is a cork and a board.

Life Hacks for Planting
© Michael Ruder lichtpunkt Stuttgart

Then drill evenly spaced holes in the wooden board. Now screw on the corks – it is best to pre-drill with a thin drill, then they sit straight on the board. The plate can now be pressed into the earth.

Tip 4: Seed Ribbons Made from Toilet Paper

Another garden tip is great, especially for beginners! Unroll a strip of toilet paper and lightly moisten it. Then the seeds come on the damp paper. Now fold the toilet paper over the seeds along the long edges.

Now make a groove in your garden, put the toilet paper in it and cover it with soil.

Life Hacks for Planting
© Michael Ruder lichtpunkt Stuttgart

With these seed belts, you can prepare the right distances between the seeds in peace and without wind and time pressure.

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Finally, you have completed the first step. Now all you have to do is wait for the flowers, herbs, and plants to grow and bloom. The only thing missing is the right DIY garden decoration for your green paradise and the new season can come.

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