sequins-art-craft-ideas-shilpidea Home & Decor

10 Beautiful Sequins Art Craft Painting Ideas

#shilpidea_0106 Produce an exciting sequin picture by simply placing the velvet design on the frame and attaching the sequins to complete these vibrant home decor paintings. You can buy Sequins from our shilpidea store and start making your own creative paintings. If you want to buy a full kit, you can click on the link […]

switchboard-painting-ideas-shilpidea Home & Decor

10 Easy and Creative Switchboard Painting Ideas

#shilpidea_0105 Did you ever think that you get creative with your electric switchboards? Maybe be not, because you must be so used to turning switches on and off that you hardly notice them. But you can turn them into a cute and creative art installation. You can also buy switchboard stickers from the eCommerce portal. […]

rock-stone-paintig-ideas-shilpidea Home & Decor

10 Best Rock Stone Painting Ideas for Desk

#shilpidea_00086 You can decorate your desk with rock stones. And if you paint them with some designs or cute animals then these will give elegant look. It depends on your creativity, what you want to make on those stones. 1. Bird Painting on Rockstone 2. Cute Peacock Painting on Rockstone 3. Swan & Heart Shape […]

pebbles-painting-home-decor-ideas-shilpidea Home & Decor

Pebbles Stone Paintings for Home Decor

#shilpidea_0077 Pebbles are natural and paintings made by these pebbles look natural and beautiful. These are some pebbles paintings and ideas you can make for home decorations.                       Happy Crafting!!!

warli-painting-home-decor-shilpidea Home & Decor

Warli Painting for Home Decor

#shilpidea_0076 Warli painting is a Tribal Art from Maharashtra. It is used to decor home walls. But now warli paintings are famous worldwide. Many artists making these paintings on selling these on eCommerce Place like Etsy. You can also buy some of these from Etsy.                     […]

painting-ideas-popsicle-sticks-shilpidea DIY & Tutorials

Easy Painting Ideas on Popsicle Sticks

#shilpidea_0072 You can make beautiful paintings on popsicle sticks. Any type of painting or theme you can choose to make a perfect painting on sticks. you can find some of these ideas in this post.                       Happy Crafting!!!

rock-stone-painting-table-decor-shilpidea DIY & Tutorials

Rock Stone Painting for Table Decor

#shilpidea_0067 Decor your table with these designs and paintings on Rock Stone. Very simple designs with an elegant look that feels natural.                       Happy Crafting!!!

wall-paintings-made-with-buttons-shilpidea Home & Decor

Home Decor Wall Paintings Made With Buttons

#shilpidea_0037 In your spare time, you can do some DIY button craft projects to decor your home. You can use old buttons to create your new projects.                       Happy Crafting!!!

cute-animals-made-with-buttons-shilpidea DIY & Tutorials

Cute Animals DIY Projects Made With Buttons

#shilpidea_0035 These are some DIY craft projects you can do with your children. Some of the ideas we are sharing.                       Happy Crafting!!!

paintins-diy-button-ideas-shilpidea Home & Decor

Paintings DIY Ideas Made With Buttons

#shilpidea_0034 Buttons can be used into making beautiful paintings. Below are some of these painting ideas you can see.                       Happy Crafting!!!

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