10 Amazing frames to make yourself with Corks and dress the walls


A very creative way to recycle corks and use to build or change the look of picture frames. See in this post several ideas on how to make a picture frame with corks.

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Recycling is always a good idea, especially when we make creative and innovative objects. That’s why we must always keep an eye out when some material is left over in our house, as this can become a decorative and useful craft. Here is an example of how we can use cork stoppers to create beautiful photo frames. 

pretty frames to make yourself to dress the walls

Whenever we drink wine or any other drink that has a stopper, we know very well what can be done with the bottles. However, the corks are left to one side and often end up directly in the trash. Because now you know that there are many possibilities for handicrafts with cork.


As you can see, you can create different patterns with the corks according to your disposition. This can be standing or lying on the surface, creating different effects. Without a doubt, the grace of the image above is the different color of each stopper.


Rock Stone Photo Frame Ideas


Look how nice this picture frame with the corks well fitted. Ideal to make a special souvenir. It is even more personalized if the corks were from drinks tasted at the time of the photo.


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