15 Toys Craft Ideas with Recycled Capes for Kids


If you’re looking for holiday activities to play with the kids, then check out our collection of posts craft for kids. Today we brought amazing recycled craft ideas for kids. When we want to make toys with recycled caps, we can use bottle caps to be the raw material.

The coolest thing is that it’s super easy to make and can be quietly created at home with the kids. Try and see how they can have a lot of fun with this type of toy.

See all the suggestions we brought and choose the best ones to carry out those cool activities with the kids. There are many ideas for you to get inspired.


It’s each idea more fun than the next. Check out the selection we made for you to enjoy and gather the materials to carry out recycling crafts with the children.

1. Turtle with Bottle Capes

2. Butterfly with Capes

3. Tic Tac Toe Toys with Recycled Caps

Well, who has never played a game of Tic Tac Toe. It’s a super simple game and very easy to learn. So it works for any age.


Use colored embossing glue to make the designs on top of the caps. Use the “X” and “O” designs. There will be 5 of one and 5 of the other.

Surely the children will like it and, above all, they will be able to make the toy together with you.

4. Snack with Recycled Capes


5. Joker with Capes


6. Little Monsters with Eye Recycled Capes


Kids love to create different little things and this work is in this style. They are very animated little monsters to create with the caps. Get inspired and also create along with the children.

7. Magnet Faces


8. Little Cat with capes


9. Clock with Capes for Kids

With plastic caps and spoon stems it is super easy to make a beautiful clock to teach children and to interpret the time.


10. Fishes with Bottle Capes

See how beautiful a mural with the insertion of caps looks. Just improvise with tissue paper or crepe, colored glue, plastic eyes and our dear caps.


11. Ant with Capes


12. Transformer Toy with Capes



13. House Craft for Kids


14. Train Toys with Capes


15. Checkers

Look how cool and easy to do. Just improvise a board or buy one ready-made and get 12 caps of one color and 12 of another.



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