10 Unique Bamboo Pot Ideas for Home Decor



These are some beautiful and unique bamboo pot DIY ideas. And you can make these for your home decor or gardening. Most importantly, you can use bamboo in many different DIY projects. In other words, it is the best alternative to wood and other raw material.

Moreover, the best thing about bamboo is its durability, lightweight, renewable properties. Bamboo pot is the most exciting and beautiful DIY for plant lovers. However, you don’t need a lot of equipment or tools to make bamboo planters.

Finally, you just need some simple tools like a handsaw, electric drill machine, and sandpaper. With the help of these, you can make creative and innovative pot designs.

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Unique Bamboo Pot Ideas for Home Decor

Likewise, we have collected some beautiful bamboo pot designs. So you can get some ideas to make similar or more creative.

And bamboo pot is also known as Bambot which means a pot made with bamboo.

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Alternatively, you can make different types of bambot like a tabletop, wall hanging, hanging, etc. 

You can also make it your income source by selling handmade pots online. Many creators around the world are selling their handmade bambot and earning a good amount of money.

Above all, nothing is impossible even if you are a beginner or new to this. People also learn from others and creates something new. So don’t worry about that.

In conclusion, you just have to start and I am sure it will be fun for you.

1. Bamboo Planter for Garden


2. Wall Hanging Bamboo Pot

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3. Wall Hanging Pot for Interior


4. Cup Size Bamboo Planter


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5. Tabletop Bamboo Planter


6. Bamboo Pot for Tabletop

unique bamboo pot shilpidea

7. Bamboo Planter Well Design


8. Bamboo Planter for Bedroom

unique bamboo pot shilpidea

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9. Well Design Bamboo Planter

unique bamboo pot shilpidea

10. Bamboo Planter for Wall Decor

unique bamboo pot shilpidea

11. Hanging Bamboo Planter

unique bamboo pot shilpidea

So, these are the some of best planter design ideas made up of bamboo. You can try these from basic and easy design. Once you are satisfied with simple design, you can make ever more creative designs.


Happy Crafting!!!


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